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The year 2008, in the history of the Uganda Catholic Charismatic Renewal, saw the coming of a very great,and spirit empowered Worship Team in Kampala,commonly known as Trinity Worship Team. The whole idea is traced back, as three Catholic Priests,namely  Rev.Fr.Burasa.J CSC,   Rev.Fr.Rufino  of the Missionary Fathers,   and Rev.Fr.Alex Ojacor of the Diocesan Priests, were on a vacation in Nairobi, Kenya.

Since the three Priests were very great friends (ACTUALLY BROTHERS), they usually called themselves  “brothers”, and as time went on ,due to the closeness of their relationship, they called their friendship  “the TRINITY”- Fr. Burasa being “the father”, Fr.Rufino being “the son” (due to his humility) and Fr.Alex being “the spirit” (due to the up-and-down character he has).

A few months later, the three Priests got a vision of serving Mother Church through a Youth Ministry, and they thought of doing it best through Music.One Monday in May 2008, they started with four people namely; Ms.Flavia Namagembe, Ms.Prossy Nassolo Mbabazi, Ms.Maria Francesca Bazirake, and Mr.Junior Kasoma, who were joined by other youths in a week’s time.

On the Pentecost Eve, in May 2008, Trinity Worship Team was chosen to minister to the congregation that had convened in the Uganda Martyrs’ shrine to await the Holy Spirit,and from then on, Trinity Worship Team has sung in overnights, on Weddings, Wedding Receptions, Graduation Parties, Funerals, Seminars, Get-together, to mention but a few.


As a vocally oriented choir, Trinity Worship Team meets every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 3:00pm-6;00pm for practice and vocal training.The team has also sung on various functions like Weddings (uncountable at that), Special Awards for example the Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala Award in 2011, the Lt.Gen.Kale Kayihura Award in 2010, on retreats like the Diocesan Seminarians’ Fraternity of December 2010, on a few Bachelors’ and Spinsters’ Parties, Get-together Masses, and so much more.

All through last year (2011),there was a vital and very important activity in Trinity Worship Team, which was the Christmas Carol Recording. It took the Music Directors Mr.Junior Kasoma and Ms.Benita Nakyonyi; through a lot, just to find the best studios. They indeed found the best and the Team worked with Grayce Studios of Henry Kiwuuwa, Fusion Illusion of Albert Kwesiga, and Take 2 Records of David Kimera , that finally on 10\12\2011, the Christmas Carol CD was finally Launched at McCauley House Nsambya by Lt.Gen.Kale Kayihura.

Trinity Worship Team is also known for the best Christmas Carol Concerts all over the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, and recently launched an idea of renewing the ancient Christmas Carols. Trinity Worship Team also has time to re freshen and have fun as a team. A day is clearly discussed and agreed up on by the Team members, when the whole Team goes to a beach,or a nice hung out where the Team Spirit is Strengthened.       Finally,Trinity started a Project of Vocal Training, long after realising that the biggest problem in Catholic Music is low rates of  innovativeness and little or no time for Vocal Treatment. Trinity there fore Offers Vocal Training at costs that can be well agreed up on by the Music Directors.


Trinity is Directed by Rev.Fr.James Burasa CSC, and helped by Rev.Fr.Alex Ojacor and Rev.Fr.Rufino. Currently the Team has 12 Permanent Members, singing three voices; 4 Singing Soprano, ie  Ms.Joy Birungi, who happens to be the Team Co-ordinator, Ms.Maria Francesca Bazirake, Ms.Benita Nakyonyi, who is the Assistant Music Director, and Ms.Cathy Nakyomu, 4 Singing Alto, ie Ms.Flavia Namagembe, who is the Finance Manager, Ms.Prossy Nassolo Mbabazi, who is the Welfare Manager, Ms.Josephine Nantambi, and Ms.Lillian Mpamulungi who is the Librarian, and 4 Singing Tenor ie  Mr.Henry Migadde, Mr.David Kimera, who is the Team’s Producer, Mr.Denis Lubega, who is a Key Board Player, Mr.Junior Kasoma, who is the Music Director and a Key Board Player.

Each of the members has a Dedication, and Passion for the Team, although many are still Students in Universities, and a few have just completed their Bachelors’ Degrees.


Trinity Worship Team intends on out growing the ordinary levels of Music, and to turn professional. Professional Vocal Training is the biggest strategy that Trinity is laying to reach the top. We do not intend to only minister locally (in Uganda), but we intend to get an International  Congregation, God willing.   Our Strength comes from togetherness, a togetherness that is characterised by Love. We intend to Love one another more and more, for a stronger team.

How ever, although we intend to grow more, and more, the Team doesn’t intend to grow in number,for reasons of maintaining Vocal Strength and the Bond of Love, unless other wise, agreed up on by the Team.


“To raise flags of Catholic Music beyond the ordinary, and to reach out to evry one through Music……


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